Spotify deletes over 100 episodes of ‘Joe Rogan Experience’


Spotify is being removed The experience of Joe Rogan (JRE) episode from Friday, and until this writing, the service has canceled a total of 113. When Gizmodo noted that some of the podcast episodes can no longer be found, only 70 of them have disappeared from the platform. Now, based Web page dedicated to following which episodes of the show are not available on the service, an additional 40 have been removed. However, the episodes do not appear to be related The COVID-19 controversy around the show and the service right now.

There are several artists came out Recently Spotify because of Rogan’s episodes related to COVID-19. An open letter addressed to the host by doctors and scientists pointed out that he had made several false claims about the virus in the past and promoted the use of ivermectin for its treatment. They have the most problems with one specific episode: Episode # 1757 with guest Dr. Robert Malone, who argued that people believe COVID-19 vaccines are effective only because of the “psychosis of mass creation”. That episode is still available.

Spotify doesn’t seem to be deleting episodes in a row, though it’s the latest in the # 1458 series with actor Chris D’Elio as a guest. It is also unclear which rules violated the episodes to guarantee deletion. Spotify global communications manager Dustee Jenkins allegedly he told Slack employees before that the team reviewed more controversial ones JRE episodes and found that they did not meet the removal threshold. Jenkins also said what Spotify has not done is share its policies from the outside, according to the author’s report The Verge, which also published a copy of the rather narrow guidelines for COVID-19 services.

CEO admitted that his content policy should have been public before now that he reported on Spotify’s earnings for the fourth quarter of 2021. As for Rogan, he he apologized for the reaction and said he would do his best “to try to balance these more controversial views”.

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