Stars and characters who had a great 2021


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OK, of course: well maybe heroes High Republic spent most of 2021 with their fictional lives turned upside down, but in general, Lucasfilm’s new publishing initiative for comics and books has had such a powerful year that it’s almost impossible to understand that the era – set 200 years ago Star Wars prequels – it really started at the very beginning of 2021. Since then, in dozens of novels and several comics in progress, the creatives behind this newly discovered piece Star Wars history has built a fascinating pocket of the galaxy far, far away that carefully intertwines the familiar aspects of the saga that make it so enduring with thoughtful, exciting and inventive interpretations of what it means to be Jedi, what the Force is and what the Republic’s role in the galaxy should come first. How everything seems to be heading for disaster High Republic begins a reckless descent into darkness going into 2022, its quality is anything but falling.


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