Surrealist war for carnivorous plants


Two "plants" with T-rex heads, tiny cylinders and bodies of birds and frogs are confronted in this picture from the animated short film Bad Seeds.

Set for Claude Cloutier’s short animated film Bad seeds it is very simple: two hungry carnivorous plants to wage field war over the flies entering their common airspace. But execution — a unreal a series of beautiful drawings that change as the battle heats up – it’s simply brilliant (and often funny). Check it out!

The top of the hat for Short of a week to share Bad seeds, as well as targeting this Sqwigly interview with Cloutier in which he somewhat explains his process: “The film consists entirely of drawings made with Indian ink and brushes. They were then digitized and colored with a computer, ”the director told the site. “As an illustrator, I like to explore different styles and techniques, but I especially like cartoon art … this style is reminiscent of aqua fortis engraving, or pencil and ink drawings in 19th century books or newspapers. Gustave Doré and John Tenniel, the most famous illustrator Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, are great influences on my work. I opted for this type of drawing for Bad seeds because it evokes the first printed editions of fables and classical fairy tales. My challenge with this film was to combine the complexity of engraving-style drawings – which are, by definition, static – with the movements that animation allows. ”

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