Tesla will raise the price of self-driving again


Tesla’s “full self-driving” (FSD) feature had something of a rocky history, generously said. It’s involved in multiple falls, seemingly persistent software bugs and cavalcade testing by a wealth from regulatory bodies. Also, it will cost more money.

The bump represents an additional $ 2,000 that attaches to a not-so-small price: a new total of $ 12,000, or most of the way to Honda Civil. This is not the first time that the FSD has risen in price. In 2020, Musk (again, on Twitter) announced approximately $ 2,000 price increase. This latest increase, Musk explained, will only apply in the United States; he added that “the price of this feature will grow as we approach the release of the FSD product code.”

Whether that means there are plans for even further price increases can be speculated – Tesla famously disbanded its corporate communications department around the same time that the FSD received a $ 10,000 price tag.

Notably, buying a “complete self-driving” feature doesn’t actually result in a car driving itself. That’s mostly why Senators Markey and Blumenthal called on the FTC to investigation Tesla and Muska because of, among other things, “overestimating the possibilities of their vehicle”. According to one poll, just an eye 11 percent of Tesla owners are rejecting the money needed to enable FSD and it’s hard to imagine how increasing the financial burden on customers could reverse that trend.

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