The CEO of, who laid off 900 workers at Zoom, is taking off


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If you’ve been looking for “Worst Boss of the Year” nominees, look no further than CEO Vishal Garg, who is apparently “taking it off” in response to the reaction he got because he acted like garbage.

Garg fell into the hot water earlier this month when he somehow decided it was okay to lay off 900 employees of a digital mortgage company, or roughly 9% of its workforce, in a Zoom call before the holidays. But wait, the story doesn’t end there. Garg then continued to accuse At least 250 employees were fired for “stealing” from their colleagues and customers on the anonymous Blind social media forum, saying they only worked two hours but worked more than eight hours.

After facing an answer for his cruelty, including resignation top executives, Garg apologized to ua public message Tuesday. As he stood by the dismissals, he said he “made a mistake in the execution” when he communicated them.

On Friday, Vice reported that Better’s board of directors sent an email to employees informing them that Garg would be taking free time “immediately”. Meanwhile, Better’s chief financial officer Kevin Ryan will run the company on a daily basis. Management also announced that it had hired an independent third-party company to conduct a “leadership and culture assessment” and to make recommendations for building a better company culture.

“We have a lot of work to do and we hope everyone can refocus on our customers and support each other to continue to build a great company and a company we can be proud of,” the committee wrote.

Gizmodo contacted Better to ask for confirmation as to whether Garg was giving up and further comment, but did not receive a response until the time of the announcement. We will make sure to update this blog if we respond.

As for the company, it announced earlier this week that it is postponing its SPAC contract with the public.

Garg’s behavior unfortunately not surprising. Last year, a Forbes report shared a stressful and aggressive email he sent to employees.

“HELLO – WAKE UP A BETTER TEAM,” Garg wrote. “You’re damn slow. You are a bunch of BLUND DOLPHINS and … BLUND DOLPHINS are caught in nets and eaten by sharks. SO STOP. CUT IT OUT. STOP NOW. SHAME ON ME. ”

In addition, as Vice pointed out, Garg also reportedly called one of the company’s biggest investors a “sewer”. When it comes to the Day of Indigenous Peoples, the executive director told the employees that they should not take a day off, but work to earn money. “capital, and thus our freedom. ”

I agree: in this case, and undoubtedly to countless others of whom the public is unaware, Garg is a disgrace. Only scum would treat people like him, and I’m glad the employees who stayed at Better will get a well-deserved break from him. I just hope the company’s management will reconsider having someone like Garg at the helm and make an example of him. Oh wait, money.


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