The latest life-size Japanese statue of Gundama is almost finished


No matter how many times a new Gundam statue is erected in Japan, it is . This week was no different when workers attached the RX-93FF V’s head to the body as a crowd of onlookers and reporters came to watch the spectacle.

The one-on-one recreation is a riff on Amur Ray . It is 81.3 feet high and is located in front of LaLaport Mall in Fukuoka, the most populous city on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. Creator of Gundama Yoshiyuki Tomino he participated in the design of the statue, including a new tricolor color scheme that adorns it.

He’s not the first go up to Japan. What most people are probably familiar with is the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam located in Tokyo’s Odaiba district. It was a frequent sight during the 2020 Summer Olympics and the source of many nerdy misses during the event. Just ask and that .

According to Mainichi, there are still some refinements that workers need to add before Gundam is completed sometime by the end of February. Hopefully the pandemic will subside by then so there is a possibility that people outside of Japan can visit it.

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