The long-awaited shoot ‘em up PlatinumGames’ Sol Cresta arrives on February 22nd


PlatinumGames will publish February 22, studio announced this weekend. The developer had hoped the shmup would be ready by the end of 2021, but made a last-minute decision to postpone it to give his development team more time to polish. With the new release date locked, Platinum says fans will have a chance to pick it up sunny ridge on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for $ 40.

The Cresta series has been around since the 1980s. You can play The crest of the moon and Terra Cresta, two newer franchise entries, through collection on PS4. What it does sunny ridge it is interesting that life began as . After playing such a cruel joke with fans in 2020, Platinum returned exactly a year later to announce that he was actively developing the game.

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