The military is starting to fire people who refuse the vaccine


February 2, 2022

The U.S. military announced Wednesday that it has begun firing soldiers who do not adhere to its vaccination policy against COVID-19.

“The readiness of the military depends on soldiers who are willing to train, deploy, fight and win the wars of our nation,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth told press release.

“Unvaccinated soldiers are a danger to the forces and endanger readiness. We will begin the process of forced separation for soldiers who refuse the vaccine order and do not wait for the final decision on exemption. “

The announcement is an important step in the military campaign against COVID-19 as the military is the largest branch and the last to start ejecting vaccines.

Soldiers requesting an exemption will have seven days after refusing a request to start the COVID regime or file an appeal. The order covers soldiers of the Regular Army, soldiers of the reserve who serve active duty under Title 10 and cadets.

As of January 26, the army has dismissed six ground forces leaders, including two battalion commanders, and issued about 3,000 written warnings to soldiers who refused the vaccine but did not launch a forced separation operation against any soldiers, according to a separate news.

The military said 96% of the regular army and 79% of reserve units were fully vaccinated. As of January 26, six medical exemptions and no religious exemptions have been granted.

The The Navy announced last week that he fired 23 active sailors for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The Marine Corps fired 335 Marines, while the Air Force fired 111 airmen.

Discharged soldiers will face financial repercussions. They will not be entitled to compensation for forced divorce and “may be subject to compensation for any unearned special or incentive salaries,” the military said. However, soldiers who complete separation or retirement before July 1, 2022 will receive a temporary exemption.

President Biden published in August that he ordered a vaccine against COVID for the army.


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