The morning after: The latest beta version of iOS supports FaceID with a mask


Using the face to unlock the phone is great in normal times, but less than ideal when you’re masked and avoiding germs. Apple already has a solution if you own a new enough Apple Watch, and now it is . The latest beta version of iOS developers allows users to open their device only with a geographical view. The feature, which is currently being tested, will work with sunglasses users, although if you wear sunglasses, you may need to take them off first.

At the same time, Apple is also reportedly trying to allow iPhones to work as well . This would make it easier to settle bills among friends and, more importantly, allow small businesses to accept payments. This could be a problem for companies like Square, which have made a name for themselves by building external payment hardware for phones. But it would also give Apple a way to capture much of the payment processing market without too much sweat.

– Dan Cooper

The biggest news you may have missed

Someone call Jeff Goldblum.


This next story works better if you imagine William Shatner reading it to you around 1979. Researchers at Curtin University have found something … strange, out there in space, and . It emits a giant burst of polarized radio energy for a full minute, every 18 minutes, and continues to appear and disappear every few hours. Interestingly, researchers think it could be a magnetar, a theoretical neutron star that spins so slowly that it makes everything look … weird. This discovery may have … implications for how we understand … the universe.


Teaser Picture of Nissan's new electric supermini.


The group at Renault Nissan Mitsubishi has unveiled an investment plan of about $ 26 billion to . Five new platforms will be built, and the crew has vowed to share technology and components to reduce waste. It will range from super-compact all-electric city cars to powerful battery-powered commercial vehicles. Meanwhile, California has increase EV adoption, including cash to build a charging network in low-income neighborhoods and discounts for low-income customers.

But otherwise? Ehhhhh.

Picture of Shure Aonic 40 ANC headphones with excellent battery life and medium features.

Bllly Steele

Your and my friend Billy Steele tested a new one Shure Aonic 40 ANC cans for a while, and now his verdict has come out. The $ 249 headphones are designed to sit at that level just before you start giving serious money to your ears. Unfortunately, although the price is correct and the battery life is great, everything else is just a little lukewarm for Billy’s trained ears. He also lamented the lack of comfort for larger heads and the general lack of sleekness in the rest of the feature list.

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