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Bitcoin and the rest cryptocurrencies gain in force in India. But currently it cannot be used directly for payment. You need to go to their crypto exchange and convert crypto in fiat currency (cash) and then transfer them to their bank account. Cryptogram-based debit cards can facilitate this process as they can automatically convert cryptocurrencies into cash. We will talk about some of the best Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency based debit cards in India and their benefits.

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Bitcoin, another cryptogram-based debit card in India

There are only a few options when it comes to Bitcoin-based debit cards in India. Some cards support limited currencies, and some are associated with high fees. There are also different levels of these cards that provide different benefits so in itself it is necessary to thoroughly research about the card and the company itself.

In addition, let’s take a look at some of the best cryptogram-based debit cards in India. They are listed in no particular order.

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Wirex debit card


  • Supports 25 different cryptocurrencies
  • No fee for exchanging cryptocurrencies into currency
  • No issuing costs and monthly fees


  • To get a refund you need to have a WXT token in your wallet

Wirex offers VISA debit cards that can be used physically or virtually for all transactions. It supports about 25 different cryptocurrencies and does not charge for switching cryptocurrencies to regular currency. Nudi do 2% refund and awards in WXT which is the original crypt of the Wirex Exchange. You do not have to pay any initial issuance fees or monthly maintenance fees.

You can retire up to 30,000 ₹ at ATMs at no cost and you get unlimited spending on direct debit card payments. This is one of the popular options, but you will be required to have WXT tokens on the Wirex exchange to get a refund in WXT.

Coinbase debit card


  • It can be used wherever VISA cards are accepted
  • Different security features
  • Offers up to 4% cash back


  • Only 9 cryptocurrencies supported
  • 2.49% fee for switching cryptocurrencies to cash

Coinbase, widely known popular cryptocurrency exchange platform provides its own VISA debit cards that are currently available in the US and European countries, but will reach India in 2022. The card will allow you to pay in cryptocurrencies and US dollars wherever VISA cards are accepted.

Supports 9 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and will instantly convert the cryptocurrency in your wallet to the desired currency. Coinbase offers up to 4% refund for each transaction and can be used for online, retail and ATM payments. It offers a range of security features such as 2-factor authentication, instant card freezing and consumption monitoring. It will probably offer many benefits when available in India. Prepaid debit card


  • It supports about 90 cryptocurrencies
  • No issuance or monthly fees
  • Accepted worldwide
  • It can provide a free subscription to Spotify and Netflix


  • The benefits are based on the funds you have invested
  • You need to buy CRO tokens has its own debit cards that are made of metal and give a superior appeal. These tickets are prepaid debit cards, so you will need to add wallet funds to your card to use it. It is available in 5 different levels and provides a variety of benefits depending on the level you purchase.

You will have to insert or lock CRO tokens on 6 months. The amount of tokens you invest will determine the level of your card and its benefits. If you apply for a card without a deposit, then your card will only provide a 1% refund. Level 2 where you will have to invest 30,000 ₹ CRO will bring you a 2% refund benefit, a higher ATM withdrawal limit and free subscription to Spotify.

Since it is a VISA card, you will be able to use it wherever VISA cards are accepted and it supports about 90 cryptocurrencies.

Binance debit card


  • Up to 8% money back benefits
  • It supports about 30 different cryptocurrencies
  • Ensured by the highest security standards of Binance
  • No issuance or monthly fee


  • Requires to have BNB tokens in your wallet
  • 0.9% transaction fee

The Binance VISA debit card is another Binance product on the growing list of features and services. This debit card provides the highest refund rate of all the cards we discussed up to 8% refund on eligible transactions. although there is a condition. To get the optimal amount of benefits, you will need to have 600 BNB coin binances in your wallet and all earned cashback will also be in the BNB.

There are no issuances or monthly fees, and the card supports about 30 different cryptocurrencies. You can use it at any online, retail or ATM withdrawal, but a 0.9% transaction fee is charged which is separate from any ATM fee. It is generally a good service and includes standard Binance security measures.

Nexo debit card


  • Up to 2% refund benefits
  • you can choose to get a refund in NEXO or BTC
  • No issuance or hidden monthly costs
  • It can be frozen and thawed with one touch


  • It doesn’t support a lot of cryptocurrencies

Nexo is another cryptocurrency exchange platform that has designed its own card. The Nexo debit card is issued by Mastercard and works like the other cards on the list. You can reach 2% refund on all your transactions, but unlike other cards, here you can choose if you want a refund NEXO coins or Bitcoins or you can even switch between 2.

There are no issuance fees or monthly fees, and you can create virtual cards that you can use via Apple Pay and Google Pay. Foreign exchange, point-of-sale surcharges and inactivation fees are also not charged. Nexo has a wallet 256-bit military encryption and 24/7/365 fraud tracking system. This protects against fraud and ensures the security of funds and transactions performed by its clients.

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These were some of the best Bitcoin-based debit cards in India that you should look out for in 2022. We could see an increase in crypto-based cards as crypto market popularity grows day by day and some Indian vendors may start accepting Bitcoin for payments . This is yet to be seen, but be sure to do your own research before applying for any of these debit cards.

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