Trailer The Man Who Fell to the Ground: Ejiofor In Bowie’s Footsteps


Farady Chiwetel Ejiofor hovers in the pool while still wearing a full suit, in a scene from The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Let’s hope he brought a spare set of clothes.
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Showtime has published a first look at Star TrekAlex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet look at the icon Walter Tevis’s novel is here, which gives us an insight into it The arrival of Chiwetel Ejiofor on Earth—And his alien struggle to find a way to fit into a changing human society.

A new series, first set for Hulu, and then CBS All Access (now Paramount +), and now instead landing on Showtime, follows Ejiofor not as in the novel-nor David Bowie’s character in the 1976 film directed by Nicolas Roeg — the alien protagonist, T.homas Jerome Newton, but will be known as Faraday, which is of the same species, but crucially not the first member of that species to arrive on Earth. Or maybe fall.

Teaser has several hints of the series ‘approach to tripe, celestial flashes and ominous weather events, but focuses mainly on Faraday’s first encounters with Harris’ character, an as-yet-unnamed human society, while the two struggle to make first contact with an alien species. Although we still don’t know much about what the plans are Kurtzman and Lumet — who are currently both working together Star Trek: Discovery spinoff series Strange new worlds, with an emphasis on pre-Kirk Company captain Chris Pike – has for the series, and following in particular traces of Roeg’s adaptation, the duo recently told Entertainment Weekly that the new series will be less in tune with the melancholy tone of the book and film.

“[The book and film are] about this extraordinary loneliness and how human loneliness can ultimately destroy you. I loved that feeling in the work that was done, [but] it wasn’t the story I wanted to tell, nor was it the story Jenny wanted to tell. ” Kurtzman told EW.We were interested in integrating that loneliness, but I think we wanted to tell a story that is ultimately much more uplifting. ”

I believe in human beings and I wanted to write about human beings extracting, amplifying and succeeding. Because we are a pretty cool species, ”Lumet added.And I believe that a space man, when he came to Earth, would see all our tricks and say, “Wait a minute, you are capable of some really beautiful things.”

The man who fell to Earth Showtime is expected to appear in the spring.

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