Understanding the psychology behind the COVID pandemic


In the video above, Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccine core technology,1 reviews theory professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist and statistician, believes it explains the absurd and irrational behavior we now see around the world regarding the COVID pandemic and its countermeasures.

He calls this phenomenon “mass psychosis”, a type of crowd hypnosis that literally results in the transformation of a large segment of the population into psychosis. The psychosis of mass formation is an explanation for how the Germans accepted the crimes of the Nazi party in the 1930s, and it is an explanation for why so many people around the world support medical apartheid and the destruction of the unvaccinated now.

It is so irrational and inhumane, many wondered how we got here. As it turns out, the psychology of totalitarianism has been studied for decades, and the whole thing can actually be explained as a psychiatric phenomenon that occurs when there are certain conditions in society.

Four basic conditions for ‘mass formation’

The four central conditions that must exist for the psychosis of mass creation to come to life are:

1. Lack of social cohesion – Social isolation was a widespread problem long before the pandemic. In one survey, 25% of respondents said they had no close friends. COVID quarantine has also contributed to and exacerbated existing isolation. We have all been told that any contact with others, including members of our own family, can be the death penalty.

2. Seeing life as meaningless, meaningless and meaningless, and / or facing persistent circumstances that make no rational sense – Desmet cites research showing that half of all adults think their work is completely meaningless and of no value to themselves or others.

In another survey, conducted in 2012, 63% of respondents said they were “sleepwalkers” through their work days, not investing any passion in their work. Thus, condition no. 2 for hypnosis mass formation was also met, even before the pandemic struck.

The events of late 2019 and early 2020, such as many issues related to the presidential election and COVID’s initial quarantine, added fuel to widespread confusion and uncertainty, resulting in the following condition: free-floating anxiety.

3. Widespread free-floating anxiety and free-floating dissatisfaction – Free-floating anxiety refers to anxiety that has no obvious or clear cause. Judging by the popularity of antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, condition number 3 was also met long before the pandemic, but additional fuel was accumulated just before the pandemic.

Many have felt, and still feel, that “things just aren’t going well.” Over the course of 2020, it has become increasingly apparent to many that most, if not all, of the systems we depend on are corrupt and probably irreparable, including our medical system, our voting system, and our justice system.

4. Widespread frustration and aggression floating freely – this usually follows the previous three. Here, again, frustration and aggression have no apparent cause.

How mass formation enables the rise of totalitarianism

When these four conditions are met by a large enough section of society, they are mature enough to turn reading into psychosis, completely out of touch with reality, which in turn leads to the rise of totalitarianism. As Malone explained, when the pandemic broke out, people around the world became obsessed with one thing: the virus.

People everywhere were thinking, reading and talking about the virus almost exclusively about everything else. This unique focus, this obsession, which has already firmly established the basic conditions for mass formation, has enabled much of the population to enter a hypnotic-like state.

In this hypnotic-like state (very similar to conventional hypnosis, but with minor differences), people lose the ability to think rationally and judge.

As Malone noted, there is evidence to suggest that at least parts of this psychological operation were carried out deliberately, by “an entity that has the financial benefit or power to profit from it, which comes to the point of global totalitarianism”. Now that much of society is hyperfocused and fused in shared dissatisfaction and anxiety, all a leader or leaders need to do to convince many that totalitarian control and loss of their freedom is best for them is:

And) Present a story that identifies the cause of the anxiety, and then

b) Offer a strategy to neutralize that cause

Social networking is key

By accepting and participating in any of these strategies, people with free-floating anxiety feel equipped with the means to control their anxiety and avoid panic. They also feel a strong connection to others because they have all identified the same enemy. As Desmet explained in an interview with Peak Prosperity below:

“As many people participate in the same strategy for dealing with the object of anxiety, a new kind of social connection emerges a new kind of solidarity. So people feel connected again in a new way. And that is actually the most important thing.

If you look at the crown crisis and listen to the mainstream narrative, you will hear that it is all about solidarity. You have to participate, you have to accept the vaccine. You have to respect social distancing, because if you don’t, you don’t have citizenship, you don’t show solidarity. This is always the most important thing in mass formation.

That is the real reason why people agree with the story, even if it is extremely absurd. Not because they believe in the story. This is because the narrative leads to a new social connection. That is the real reason.

have [also another] advantage. All frustration and aggression can be directed at the object. And this facility is people who for one reason or another do not want to participate in mass formation …

So you have this very strange situation where people start from a very negative and divided mental state; [they have a] lack of social connection, lack of meaning creation, free-floating anxiety and a lot of frustration and aggression.

They transition from this very aversive mental state to a symptomatic positive state in which they feel connected. Their lives regain meaning through this heroic struggle with the object of anxiety … That’s why people still believe in the story, even if it’s completely absurd. ”

The psychosis of mass formation is a self-destructive state

The crazy thing is that the story may be an obvious lie, but those under this hypnotic spell will believe it. The cure may be completely absurd, but they will obey. This allows totalitarianism to rise.

Of course, there must always be a common enemy that must be erased – the “cause” of the fear and anxiety of the people – and under totalitarian rule that enemy is anyone who is not bewitched. Dissenters are enemies. In 2021, enemies are unmasked and unvaccinated.

If everyone just got an experimental sting, COVID would disappear and everyone could feel safe again. It’s a narrative. It makes no sense, it is irrational, inhumane and unscientific, but those who are in mass formation psychosis believe that it is simply so and that is why some are able to wish death to the unmasked and / or unvaccinated.

So, as Malone remarked, “If it seems to you that the rest of the world has gone mad, it is true that they have.” The problem far greater than any virus now is just mass creation.

It is a very dangerous condition, both for those under his spell and for those who are not, because the “mental intoxication” that results makes people willing to do things that are obviously wrong and utterly immoral, all the way to voluntarily killing their own family. and themselves, if they are told it is for the greater good. In short, masses of people become deeply gullible and self-destructive, which is a frightening combination.

As Desmet mentioned, in a dictatorship, people obey because they are afraid of the dictator. In a totalitarian regime, however, mass formation psychosis is at work, and this gives the regime extreme power over the individual, because people in this hypnotic trance arbitrarily destroy their own families, their lives and themselves, along with the aforementioned enemy.

Is totalitarianism inevitable?

Malone says Desmet in a conversation with Desmet said he believes the psychosis of mass formation is so prevalent at the moment that global totalitarianism could be inevitable. He believes he will take it, as we already see in many countries. So what, if anything, can we do? The summary of the proposal is as follows:

Continue to provide true and accurate information to counter the false story. Some who are not yet fully hypnotized can still be brought back to common sense. Pronouncing can also help limit the crimes that the totalitarian regime encourages to commit, because in totalitarianism atrocities and crimes against humanity increase as dissent decreases.

Replace the fear of narratives about viruses with narratives that emphasize an even greater fear – the fear of totalitarianism. “Totalitarianism is a bigger specter than a virus,” says Malone. “Loss of control by Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, BlackRock and Vanguard is a far greater threat than SARS-CoV-2 is for you and your children.”

Desmet tested this theory and found that YOU CAN break the hypnotic focus on COVID if you can divert their attention to something that worries them even more.

Join other dissidents in larger groups. This gives the vast majority who are not completely hypnotized but too scared to go against the grain an alternative to agreeing with totalitarianists.

Build parallel structures within your local communities. Think global, act local. Start developing parallel structures to cure the four underlying conditions that led to mass formation.

A parallel structure is any type of business, organization, technology, movement, or creative pursuit that fits into a totalitarian society and is morally outside of it. Once enough parallel structures are created, a parallel culture is born that functions as a haven of reason within the totalitarian world.

The weight of our situation

To hear from Desmet himself, listen to his one-hour interview with Dr. Chris Martenson. As Desmet noted, since self-destructiveness is embedded in a totalitarian system from the ground up, totalitarian regimes cannot last forever. They fall apart because they are destroyed from within. That’s a good news.

The bad news is that it can be hell as long as it lasts, because totalitarianism built on mass formation almost always leads to heinous atrocities committed in the name of doing good. There are usually few survivors in the end.

Yet Desmet believes this new global totalitarianism is more unstable than regional totalitarian systems led by dictators, so it can self-destruct faster. He has just finished writing the book “Psychology of Totalitarianism”, which is expected to be published in January 2022.


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