What are you looking forward to in 2022?


Robert Pattinson as Batman, stares at the Bat signal.

Picture: Warner Bros.

Last month, we looked back at 2021 something gladly, remembering things we liked (or he didn’t like it), and stuff that surprised us. Now that 2022 has begun, it’s time to look ahead and think about what potentially exciting things are on the horizon for us to experience.

whetheragain in movies and TV, books, or games, there is certainly something you hope will be great when you get your hands on it. The year certainly looks complex: sfans of the superhero will have a healthy dose interesting interdimensional adventures, returning fishermen, i new understandings of trained detectives throughout the year. Horror fans have movies like Scream and Black phone rejoice, and fans of science fiction have a good spread of the cosmic wars and trekking watch and read.

Personally, I look forward to quite a few things, e.g. Horizon: Forbidden West and Sifu, as far as the game is concerned, not to mention Starfield it turns out it is. As for the film, I’m obviously excited that Miles Morales and Ethan Hunt will be decorating theaters again, and I like it more Dr. Strange and Sonic’s appropriate sequels than I originally imagined. I really want to see how Batman it shakes because those trailers did a great job of setting the tone and Pattinson Batman has a lot of potential. I’m even excited about it the Mario movie, more precisely, the chaos that will result from the undoubtedly absurd Italian accents of Chris Pratt and Charlie Day.

Still, the most exciting thing that will come out of 2022 will be the double help of Michelle Yeoh: that multiverse film about madness in which, All Everywhere All at once, it looks like an explosion, and no doubt it will be a lot of fun in that Witcher prequel.

Let us know what makes you happy to be out of 2022 in the comments below.

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