What is cell ? How cell works ?

What is cell ? And types of cell

What is Cell – Science is so progressing in today’s time that you can find out what is happening in a human’s body only within a short time. Our body is such a structure that all the parts of the body are in operation play an important role.

A healthy person is the one whose all the organs are healthy and functioning well. Food is digested in the body only through the digestive system actions and breathing activities taking place in the body and the body gets energy by eating food.

It is only through the process of respiration that we are able to breathe. It is only through respiration that we are able to take oxygen by leaving out the carbon dioxide in our body.

You must have heard the name of your proteins and vitamins. They also have a very important role to keep our body healthy. It is through proteins that new cells are formed in our body and damages are repaired.

Like all the organs like heart and stomach are necessary for us, in the same way cells in the body are very important for the structure of our body. There are many people who do not yet know what is Cell.

Today, through this post, we are going to tell in very simple words that who discovered The Cell. Along with this, today we will also tell you how the cell is important for our body. Let us first know what is Koshika.

In simple words, if we want to tell, then the cell is a functional and structural unit of our body.

If we translate the cell in English, then in English it is called cell. It is made up of the Latin word cellula. All the actions that are done by our body are done due to the cell itself.

Humans and animals all have cells. Without cells, there is no animal. For your information, let us tell you that all living things like humans and animals are made of cells. Human body is made up of many cells.

What is cell? How cell works ?

The human body is said to be multicellular due to being made up of more than one cell. All the biological activities performed by animals and humans are done due to the cells. There are genetic structures and information inside the cell itself. It is transferred from one generation to the next generation in the cell.

We hope that you have understood what Koshika kya hai.

How many Types of cell ?

We first told you through this thing that What is cell. If you want to know about cells, how cells work in our body, or you want to know how much cell is in our body, then it is important for you to know What is cell.

We hope that you have also understood that what is a cell called a cell. Now we know that how many types of cells are there.

There are mainly two types of cells.

Eukaryotic cell – These cells are found only in multicellular animals. This cell is found in all the higher order plants and animals. A special feature of these cells is that they have an organized nucleus and the center is a cover. is covered with

Prokaryotic cells – These cells are those cells which are always present in free form. These types of cells do not have nucleus whereas eukaryotic cells have nucleus.

Very few people would know that the cell is living and the cell performs all the functions that a living being performs. The structure of the cell is found in different types like some cells are spherical, some are such that they are found in oval form. goes to

 Who discoverd cell ?

Through the post, we have tried to give you complete information about the cell, we first told you that What is Cell?. We tell you through this post that Who discovered Cell?.

Cell is a functional and structural unit of our body. Cell is a large organized form consisting of various different forms.

The cell was discovered by the Robert Hooks. For your information, let us tell you that Robert Hooks had discovered the cell in 1665. Robert Hooks had to say that every person’s body is formed through cells.

Many such cells are found inside every living being, which together make up the human body. It was only by Robert Hooks that it was told how many types of cells are there and in what shape cells can be. So that you must have understood that what is Cell?


Through this post, we have told you What is Cell? We have tried to tell. We believe that every living being should know that our body is made of cells and whatever actions we are doing, it is possible only because of all the cells.

What is Cell? And by whom was the cell discovered. We have told you all this, we hope that you liked the post.


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