What is lockdown ? How lockdown works ?

What is lockdown – Quite often people have this question that what is the meaning of Lockdown. If you also have all these questions in your mind and you also want to know about the lockdown, then this post has been made only for you.

Coronavirus has been in more discussion since the time Coronavirus has arrived in India. Earlier lockdown was known by some people but in today’s time there are many people who know about lockdown but they do not have full knowledge about lockdown.

Today it has come that lockdown is being imposed not only in India but all over the world. Let us know through this post what is the meaning of Lockdown.

What is lockdown ?

First of all let us tell you what is Lockdown. For your information, let us tell you that the meaning of lockdown is that whenever the lockdown is imposed, only emergency services are allowed.

The main purpose of the lockdown is to prevent people from leaving their homes. Whenever there is a lockdown in any place and state or country, people are not allowed to leave the house at all during that lockdown.

People are allowed to go out of the house only if there is an emergency work or emergency services. Although lockdown has been done quite a few times in India, but there are many people who do not know what is the meaning of Lockdown.

Lockdown has become a topic of discussion ever since a coronavirus has come to India. We have tried to explain to you in simple words what is a lockdown.

When a lockdown is imposed at any place, the movement is stopped at that place, we hope that you must have understood what is the meaning of Lockdown.

For how many days is the lockdown ?

We hope that you have understood what lockdown means. Let us now know that how many days is the lockdown.

Like we all know that it is going to be 2 years and Coronavirus is spreading its feet in India.

The Government of India has the right to impose lockdown, if the lockdown is imposed all over India, then it is imposed only after the advice of the Prime Minister and other Chief Ministers.

But sometimes such situations occur that the lockdown is imposed in the state itself, then in such a situation, the state government itself takes the decision as to how many days the lockdown should be imposed in the state. The duration of the lock down completely depends on the government. does it

Last year due to Coronavirus, the situation had worsened, so that is why a lockdown of a few months was imposed in India.

what will open in lockdown ?

Through this post we first told you that meaning of Lockdown. Let us tell you that whenever there is a lockdown in any country or any state, what are the services that are allowed to open during the lock down.

Whenever there is a lockdown at any place, lockdown means a complete lockout at that place. During the lockdown, only emergency services are allowed by the government.

Such services have been included in the emergency services by the Government of India, without which the person cannot survive.

Medicines and hospital treatment come first in emergency services. If there is a person who is sick and comes to the hospital, then in such circumstances there is no restriction on movement by the government in lockdown.

A person who needs medicines can also go to the market to buy medicines. A person running a medical store is allowed to open a medical store to give medicines. Medical store also comes under emergency services.

Any such service which is related to the health of the person has been included in the emergency services by the Government of India.

Apart from this, ration shops and all such shops which get food items which are essential for the survival of the person. They have also been included in emergency services.

Through this post, we told you that meaning of Lockdown, what will open in lockdown We hope that you have understood this information.

Conclusion –

Whenever a lockdown is imposed in a state, some guidelines are also issued by the government.

In the guidelines issued by the government, it is also written that what are the emergency services in which the general public has been allowed. We hope that you will follow the rules of lockdown imposed by the government well.

Through this post, we have explained to you very well that meaning of Lockdown. If you like the information given by us, then you must also inform your friends about the lockdown.


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