[Working] Top 5 ways to fix an unresponsive touch pad in Windows 11


After the new one Windows 11 updates, many users have reported touchpad problems on their laptops. This can happen for a variety of underlying reasons. In this article, we have addressed the issue of a faulty touchpad in order to restore the correct functionality of the touchpad to your laptop. You can also learn fix File Explorer problems on your Windows 11 system.

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Reasons why the touchpad doesn’t work

Although this touchpad problem in Windows 11 can occur for a variety of reasons, some of the most prominent are:

  • Your touchpad drivers must have faulty due to a recent installation of the application.
  • Presence of too much dust or debris below the touchpad buttons.
  • Your touch pad must have stopped responding due to unidentified malware.
  • Windows must be downloaded and installed incompatible touchpad drivers.
  • Your laptop’s touchpad is physically / internally damaged.

Ways to repair an unresponsive touch pad in Windows 11

Use Device Manager to update drivers and repair the TouchPad

Device Manager is an effective management tool within Windows that allows you to easily update and repair your outdated touchpad drivers. This way, you can restore the correct touchpad functionality to your Windows 11 system. Follow these steps for easy repair.

  • press Windows key and search Device Manager application to open it.

  • Within Device Manager window, locate and expand Mice and other pointing devices.
  • Right-click the name of your touchpad and click Update the driver.

  • You can choose to update drivers online or browse via the system to update it manually.

  • Select the desired option to update the touchpad drivers and restart your system when the update installation is complete.

Reset the touch pad configuration by resetting to the default settings

Your touchpad may have malfunctioned due to a change in the predefined configurations of your recent application installation / update. To resolve this issue, you must manually restore the default settings for the touchpad. Follow these simple steps to achieve the same.

  • press Windows key and seek Touchpad settings to open it.

  • Click on Multiple touch pad settings option.

  • Choose your own Touchpad name and click on Settings.

  • Click on Restore all default settings factory reset button for touchpad configurations.

  • Well done. You have successfully restored the factory configurations for the touchpad to fix this.

Make sure the Touchpad is enabled

Some Windows users have reported that their touchpad is automatically disabled after that update your system on Windows 11. To resolve this issue and return your touchpad to proper operating condition, you must manually enable the touchpad by accessing the associated settings. Follow these steps for easy repair.

  • Press the Windows key and search Touchpad settings to open it.

  • Next, click on Multiple touch pad settings button.

  • Choose the name of your touch pad and click Enable button below it to re – enable it in Windows 11.

  • Reboot your system for implementing change.

Uninstall / restore a recent Windows update

If the TouchPad on your laptop recently stopped working after you updated your Windows 11 system, it may be due to an incompatible TouchPad driver installation that came with Windows Update. To resolve this issue, you must manually restore / uninstall the latest update that you applied to your Windows 11 system.

Follow these steps to do the same:

  • Open up Settings app on your Windows 11 laptop.

  • Click on Windows Update on the left sidebar still click on Update history option.

  • Click on Uninstall updates option.

  • Select the latest update by looking at the timestamp, then click Uninstall.

  • Restart your system for implementing change.

Bonus: Disable tablet mode on your Windows 11 system

If you have a laptop with a touch screen and you are having trouble using the physical touchpad keys, this may be due to a conflict between the drivers of both input devices. To resolve this issue, you must manually disable the TabletInputService in Windows 11 that is causing this conflict.

  • Open up Jogging window by pressing simultaneously Windows + R Key.
  • type ‘ Regedit ‘and press enter.

  • Go next time:

Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services TabletInputService

  • Click on Start attribute and change its value from 3 to 4 to disable this service.

  • Reboot your system.
  • If the problem persists, repeat this step and change it the value returns to 3 with 4 and then restart the system to check the functionality of the touchpad.


We hope you have now solved your touchpad problems using the methods tested above. If this article helped you solve the problem successfully, press the Like button and share this with your friends to help them solve the touchpad problem in Windows 11.

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